Cayo Santa MAria

Cayo Santa María

Santa María Key (Cayo Santa María) with a 13 km2 surface, 11 kilometers of beaches and individual lodging, allows for the enjoyment of its much attractive natural surroundings. Access is reached through a 48 km strip of land connecting it with Caibarien municipality. He sport includes a bus terminal and Las Brujas airfield.

The key includes 24 diving sites, notable for the great diversity of marine species and for its virgin sea bottoms, with wide possibilities for nautical activities.

Cayo Santa María has been declared by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve Site, with wide variety of fauna including ten autochthonous species from Cuba.

The road connecting Cayo Santa María with the small town of Caibarien was awarded the international Puente de Alcantara Award, the highest award in Cuba´s civil engineering history. The award recognized the engineering excellence shown in the work, mainly for its 46 installed bridges as well as for its ecological value, having respected and preserved one of the most important regions in Cuba´s biological diversity and ecosystems even during the construction period which starting point dates back to 1989.

60 kilometers away from Cayo Santa María is the small town of San Juan de los Remedios, having been declared as National Monument. To the center of the island the City of Santa Clara is located. This is the capital city of Villa Clara province. The City is well known for its historical and cultural values, being at the same time, a very hospitable place for visitors.

Te presence of Sierra del Escambray (The Escambray Mountain Chain) also makes Villa Clara one of the Cuba´s most attractive destinations for ecological tourism.