Vida a Bordo Barco a Motor Charter Cabinas Buceo


  1. Why Cuba as a charter destination?

    Definitely the most virgin destination in the Caribbean for its recent introduction to nautical tourism, discover the beaches, reefs and small islands, most virgin imaginable, and the warmth of the relationship with the Cubans, their joy and culture, we made all the more enjoyable your stay, we are sure that you will be BACK

  2. Why with

    Essentially because we are the oldest agency in Cuba since 1993, on our website you will find all NAUTICA OFFER IN CUBA, we also have a travel agency that can help you, if required hotel nights, rent a car, or any transfer, we do not charge any additional amount to the price of our service operators, and in addition to all this we add that we are the only broker with office on the island and the presence therein of our staff.

  3. How to find the yacht we are looking for?

    In the search box of our web site, please enter the data that are requested and available vessels appear in any case send us an email via the contact form, with what you want, and be treated like

  4. How should I make my reservation?

    The maritime signals in Cuba is scarce, being commercial marinas and marked the best, you have to be very cautious in reef areas, for this reason we recommend the charter captain or sailor, and in any case is prohibited night navigation

  5. How to obtain reservation information?

    Once located the boat, we can send the booking form and we will make a reservation, pending resolution of the contract.

  6. Should I pay extra money for reserving with ?

    No later than 24 hours, we will send an email to the address specified on the form containing the details of the booking, on which we will confirm your booking, and we will attach the relevant contract .

  7. Debo pagar algo extra por reservar con

    No, in any case

  8. How do I make my reservation payment effective?

    A confirmation of your booking you will receive information of our bank account data necessary to perform the corresponding transfer

  9. Should I pay anything upon making my reservation?

    The payment is fixed as follows: 30% upon confirmation of booking, 30% at 90 days before the charter and the rest 60 days before the charter.

  10. Do I need a passport to travel to Cuba?

    Yes, no matter what your nationality, you will need a passport that is valid for at least 6 months after your arrival in Cuba

  11. Do I need a visa to travel to Cuba?


  12. Should I have a hotel reservation before arriving in Cuba?


  13. Is there any airport tax fee I should pay?

    Yes, you have to pay an airport tax of 25 CUC (30 USD) to leave the country.

  14.  Is Cuba a safe place to stay?

    Absolutely. Cuba is one of the safest countries in the world. On the island tourists are treated with respect for locals and be fascinated by the hospitality of our people. However should take normal safety precautions: do not take more money than necessary in your wallet, not carelessly leave their belongings, move away from the improvised tour guides are not professionals, often unaware of Cuban history and culture . No vaccinations are required to come to Cuba.

  15. What can I take from Cuba with me legally?

    You can extract the country tobaccos for a maximum value of 1000 CUC with a receipt of purchase of stores authorized by the Cuban government, and only up to 23 cigars without receipts and up to six bottles of rum. To remove artwork must have written permission from the "National Register of Cultural Heritage Directorate of the Ministry of Culture"

  16. Which are the options for moving around in Cuba?

    We suggest that you contract the move with our travel agency,, or take taxis, rent a car or tourist bus (Viazul).

  17. May I use credit cards?

    VisaCard and MasterCard are accepted in most establishments. You can get cash cards in several banks and major hotels throughout the island, but it is advisable to bring cash as removal can take time and many places can only be paid in cash. You can also use traveler's checks to pay for some services. No EEUU banks credit card can be used.

  18. What type of currency should I take to Cuba?

    The Euro, Canadian dollar, or other currency other than the U.S. dollar, since its change produces a 10% surcharge