Vida a Bordo Barco a Motor Charter Cabinas Buceo

Yacht Selection

Your charter choice and yacht type is quite important since it will mostly account for the success of your holidays. Following are some suggestions so as to help you make your right choice:

Crew Charter: offers you the possibility to enjoy our full service, thus benefiting from total safety during your stay on board, while also participating in the navigation.

Bare Boat: available with the provision that nautical license documents are presented, it provides the widest independence and freedom for navigation in its purest form, just knowing beforehand that you will be responsible for the proper use of the boat.

Cabin Charter: allowing for a cheaper all-inclusive boat chartering service with your own room and bathroom, while the crew rest in charge of the boat and of assuring you complete food service as well as nautical attractions.

Catamaran or Sail: The Catamaran offers good stability and navigation with crosswinds to stern, large common areas and a solarium. Otherwise, the Sailing Boat option allows you to enjoy the Sail navigation to the maximum, with an excellent boat quality for all kinds of winds; interior areas are also very comfortable.

Power Yacht Charter: A not too frequent though very advisable option if you are looking for diving and fishing attractions without having to return to harbor every day. The yacht offers great comfort, such as air conditioning, excellent cuisine service and full crew.

Daily Charter:
If you are interested in organizing any kind of special event, such as an anniversary, a similar celebration or a nautical event for a group incentive, we provide you with boat decorations as requested, and we may also flexibly adapt the boat service schedule accordingly.

Weddings and Honeymoons: We provide boat decorations for ceremonies as well as a romantic cruise in charge of a highly qualified crew, which will make you option an unforgettable experience.