Viajar a Cuba
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Travel to Cuba

When planning your trip to Cuba, you should get to know a number of important aspects we proceed to describe in the following section:

You will need a visa to be provided by your travel agency or by the Cuban Consulate in your own country. Your passport should also have a minimum validity for 6 months.

You won't need previous vaccination or other similar sanitary preventions, since Cuba will provide you with a first level health system.

Customs regulations are in tune with those internationally prevailing, so they basically refer to ban on the entry of fire weapons, drugs, any technological piece of equipment affecting national security. Care should be taken with the repetitive introduction of other products, since they can be understood to have an illegally commercial value. Such is basically the case of clothes, electrical appliances, and computer equipment. Nevertheless, Cuban customs allow the entry of personal computers, pills, digital cameras, cell phones. Other Customs regulations can be found at


Though it is customary for overseas or within border travelers to take a number of safety measures, Cuba pays special attention to these issues, which makes its social milieu one or - if not number one - among the safest places in the world.