Why book through www.varaderoyachtcharter.com?

Our company offers you in all cases a personalized service, only  Varadero Yacht Charter have the own reps in Cuba.
Over 27 years in the boat rental sector in Cuba, we start the business on 1993, we have the best charter rates of the market and now we can offer worlwide charter destinations at the top yacht charter areas.
We work with some of the best banks in Europe and in America, such as in Europe “La Caixa“, in the US with Wells Fargo, and in Latin America with BBVA Bancomer.
We also offer our customers the payment through our secure online payment system, with a prestigious German company.

Who do I sign the contract with?

The contract is signed with the charter company, receiving a copy of it and supervising the good execution of the terms by both parties.

How to book a yacht?

Once you have found the boat that you want, you must send us an email, and a person from our customer service will contact you to inform you of the details necessary to formalize the reservation.

  1. Dates
  2. Number of people

When and how do I pay for the rental of the boat?

The rules will be those determined by the company that owns the vessel, usually by bank transfer to the operators account, with 50% at the signing of the contract and the other 50% 45 days before the charter dates, these are rules may vary depending on the operator, our team will inform you at all times.

What documents should I send to www.varaderoyachtcharter.com?

When the reservation is confirmed we will send you some files where you will be asked for all the information of the crew.

What is the navigation permission?

It is a license or tax that is obligatory to pay on the area to be navigated, to be presented to the authorities, and the TAX to be paid must change depending on the destination, but in Cuba will be 12 Euros per person and day.

I have not a navigation license?

In this case we can provide a Captain who will be responsible for the boat, navigation and crew, if any damage to the boat is caused due to misuse or negligence of customers, this will be the responsibility of the customers.

What certificates do I need?

The international navigation license and the VHF radio license

When can I take the rented yacht?

Normally the boat is delivered from 17 to 18 PM. And normally too, must to sleep at the base the day before the charter end. This conditiona are for all type of yacht, worldwide rental catamarans monohull, cabin charters, crewed yacht charter.

When do I receive information about the location of the charter base and my yacht?

Our agency varaderoyachtcharter.com will provide you with the specific details of the location of the marina and contact information of the charter base, once the contract is signed you will be given all the necessary documents, including the exact location of the vessel.

Is the fuel included in the rental price?

NO, the boat has to receive it with full tanks, and it must also be delivered, since the base manager of the charter company will check them when checking out.

The mooring fee is included in the charter price?

The day of embarkation and the night before disembarkation are included in the rate, if they wish to remain in the marina, they will be charged the public rate.

Can I navigate from one country to another?

Normally it is forbidden, since the regulations of each country change, in the case that this is their desire, we ask them to transmit the corresponding request, to check conditions with the local operator. In Cuba is not allowed.

How can I make the security deposit?

With a credit card ( Us cards are not allowed in Cuba) or cash.

Should I organize a security deposit insurance?

Our recommendation as in all worldwide rental catamarans monohull, is that you hire the insurance available to all the charter companies, for an amount not very high, you will have covered any incident that might happen during your stay aboard.

Do I need cash during my vacation on yachts?

There are no ATMs in all destinations, it is important to take money out of pocket, taxis, drink at a bar, final cleaning or some extra must be paid in cash, also destinations such  Cuba… It will be very important to have money in cash.

If I cause damage to the yacht, how much do I have to pay?

You only have to pay the amount of the deposit, in any case, you must establish the cost of the damages caused.

Who do I have to contact if I caused damage to the rented yacht?

In the first place, to the head of the base, according to the damages produced in the boat, the head of the base will solve them immediately or must establish the most appropriate procedure for the damages suffered.

  • Damage:What documents does my insurance company require when I am covered by deposit insurance?

As a general rule, the insurance company wishes to have the following documents:

  • Captain’s navigation license
  • Skippers VHF license
  • Rental contract
  • Crew list
  • Registration / transit permit (depends on the destination of navigation)
  • Proof of payments made by the rented yacht
  • Captain’s damage report
  • photos of the damage.
  • Confirmation of the security deposit
  • How much does the repair cost (report or budget of the charter operator)?
  • Official evidence (official entities involved, police, fire, ambulance or coast guard?

No insurance company will cover the total amount of the damage as all worldwide rental catamarans monohull, there is always a deductible part of the sum of the damage.

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