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Legal terms

Varaderoyachtcharter.com and our partner www.cienfuegosyachtcharter.com main objective is to help the client find the boat he is looking for, in the best price conditions and with the same guarantees of service and quality as his competition.

The contracts are signed between the client and directly the nautical operator, being aware at all times of the same varaderoyachtcharter.com.

The legal and contractual responsibilities that appear in these contracts are those of the nautical operator who is solely responsible.

Varaderoyachtcharter.com will supervise and give the necessary support at all times to both the client and the operator, so that the hired rent is adjusted to what was hired and is a success for both parties.

All the data delivered by the client such as email, bank account, telephone, address, will be for the exclusive use of the rental contracted, subsequently to it, will be archived and will not be subject to publication or commercialization, without the express authorization of the client. Varadero Yacht Charter is only working with a companies that have inserance for the customers and yachts. Catamaran nonohull yacht charter, schooners and cabin crew, all included yacht charter and more the 9000 boats are ready and all of them under the rules are above this text.