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Rent a boat in Varadero, Cuba with varaderoyachtcharter, we have the largest fleet for all requirements, from large groups, events or company incentives to the offer in smaller boats such as motor boats for fishing or outings, day trips or more in one of our motor or sailing catamarans. Cuban crews always offer a familiar treatment not exempt from excellent service and animation, daily excursions or more days spending the night on the boat are available for the most demanding tourism, contact us without obligation by sending us your request here

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Cayo Santa Maria is part of the extensive number of small keys and islands that are to the north of the island of Cuba. A wide fleet of sailing catamarans, motor catamarans or motor boats for fishing or touring are available for clients who wish to spend one or more days enjoying the crystal clear waters, beautiful beaches or rich coral reefs that they will find sailing nearby. , all services are exclusive for family groups or friends, we also organize tours for companies or events, Cuban crews will always offer excellent service and entertainment, all transfers from hotels in the key to the marina and returns are included in our offers , feel free to contact us here.

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In Cienfuegos the main base in Cuba is located for the rental of boats for days or weeks, catamarans for life on board with crew or without crew, catamarans shared by cabins, our agency varaderoyachtcharter is associated with to offer a better service of Attention to clients, we include the services of transfers from the airport to the marina as well as private house and hotel reservations with our represented agency

There are several itineraries starting from Cienfuegos, towards Trinidad and Jardines de la Reina or towards Cayo Largo del Sur and Isla de la Juventud, do not hesitate to contact us for any question or request for additional information here.

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