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Costa Brava, Balearic Islands, French Riviera, Italy, Malta, Croatia, Greece, Turkey.

Rent boat caribbean mediterranean Asia this destinations combines the pleasure of sailing with beautiful landscapes, coves with pines that lean on the sea, the Mediterranean culture can be explored through its gastronomy and its towns full of history, fortresses like in Croatia, old constructions Greek, beautiful villages that seem to hang from the mountains to the sea in Italy, the French Riviera, Costa Brava and Balearic Islands, are places where you will always find the best marina to dock and the best restaurant to delight the most demanding palate.

The Mediterranean Sea offers us different options for the rental of a boat, in the world known as the best boat rental destinations, from East to West, we find the Balearic Islands, composed of  White Ibiza and Formentera, the attractive Majorca or the More quiet Menorca, all of them offer countless CALAS surrounded by pine trees and ancient constructions of the Greek or Roman civilizations, excellent and safe places for anchoring and a rich nightlife accompanied by an excellent gastronomy.

Sailing west we find the French Riviera, Corsica, Sardinia, Italian Tuscany, Sicily and the Aeolian Islands, the rental of a boat will allow us to know the most exclusive places of the French Riviera, Monaco, St. Tropez … or the most virgin coast of Corsica, also the Italian coast does not allow you to enjoy the excellence of Capri and its history where they have passed and still visit personalities from the world of cinema and fashion, further south Sicily with the authentic flavor of southern Italy, You can share a yacht or rent a sailboat, you will always enjoy excellent wind and beautiful places to anchor, do not forget to taste the local cuisine, authentic Mediterranean cuisine.

Further west we have the island of Malta and the incredible coast and hundreds of islands of Croatia, the history of ancient civilizations invades the landscapes, in every corner or on any island or on the same coast, we will be surprised by buildings that have hundreds or thousands of years, the Port of Valletta in Malta is an impressive example of ancient architecture, and all this in a nautical environment that will delight the navigator and safe to enjoy a sunset anchored in one of its countless coves, Croatia offers a new sensation of navigation surrounded by islands to which one more exotic or beautiful, renting a catamaran in Croatia, or sharing a schooner will take us back in time, visiting places like Dubrovnik, Togir and touring places of the mythical series “Game of Thrones”.

We finish the top destinations in the Mediterranean, for the rental of a catamaran a sailboat or a schooner, in Greece and Turkey, thousands of islands and history will transport us to the time of the ancient Greeks, Ulysses, the Iliad, or Troy, the impressive Parthenon from Athens that dominates a splendid view of the Aegean Sea, islands where history has marked its destiny, such as Mykonos, Santorini,Corfu, beautiful and different beaches, gastronomy full of aromas of the Mediterranean, olive oil or Feta cheese… Turkey with its fleet of Gulets specially prepared to offer the widest comfort and convenience with a service according to what the customer demands, very important destination for cabin rentals sharing experiences, with people from other countries and cultures, still maintaining a fleet for the rental of catamarans and sailboats very important

Yacht charter rental and sailboat rental in the top Mediterranean destinations, rent a catamaran with and take the best price of the market, guarantee.


Belize, Cuba, Puerto Rico, B.V.I, St. Martin, Antigua, St. Lucia, Guadaloupe, Martinique, St. Vincent, Grenada.

A destination where the tropical winter combines in the best way with the warmth of its people, always ready to offer the best of their smiles, unbeatable anchorage areas, diversity of islands and cultures with the same objective, to make your stay in the Caribbean something you will want to repeat, rich coral reefs, virgin beaches, Caribbean cuisine, full of flavors and provocation to the best palate, some of their destinations are already an icon in the nautical, as Grenadines, San Martin, San Thomas, Bahamas and others for their novelty are no less interesting and attractive as Cuba, Belize ….

Renting a catamaran in the Caribbean, offers us the best of opportunities to enjoy its crystalline waters, coral reefs full of life, know the culture of its people. In the Caribbean we will find multiple destinations for the rental of a boat, from Belize to the Lesser Antilles, through traditional destinations such as St. Martin, British Virgin Islands, St. Vincent & Grenadines or more recently Cuba, the largest of the Antilles or as It is known as “La Perla del Caribe“, a destination with more than 20 years in the catamaran or sailboat rental sector, also for catamaran rental by cabins, but it is still unknown to many nautical lovers, for its length and history , we can enjoy an extensive offer on land, with the hospitality of the Cuban people, their joy, music and gastronomy … the Caribbean never disappoints anyone who navigates in its waters.

Yacht charter rental and sailboat rental in the top Caribbean destinations, rent a catamaran with and take the best price of the market, guarantee.


Thailand, Langkawi, Bali, Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius, Madagascar.

One of the most exotic destinations that the world of nautical charters offers today, from Thailand to Maldives, from sailing in the Southeast Asia to the Indian Ocean, we will always be surprised by its landscapes and colors, totally virgin beaches, reefs full of life, they will delight in an anchoring, in the company of family or friends. Check all our destinations and Rent boat caribbean mediterranean Asia.

The choice of a Yacht in the Indian Ocean will be very important and will largely depend on the success of an unforgettable vacation, experience shows us that the ideal boat to sail in the waters of the Maldives or Seychelles is the rental of a catamaran with Crew, countless islands will delight the most demanding sailor, The Seychelles always offer us the best option in the rental of a catamaran or motor boat.

Madagascar and Mauritius are paradises full of native flora and fauna that together with their friendly settlers and exotic cuisine, will make the memory of choosing the destination to rent a boat and navigate its waters unforgettable.

Thailand or Malaysia, although more popular in the sector of the rental of sport boats, do not cease to surprise us, beautiful fishing villages, fascinating gastronomy an exuberant fauna and flora, where there is stage of many films as on the island of “James Bond” or the famous Avatar, throughout the year we can choose this charter destination for our holidays.

Yacht charter rental and sailboat rental in the top Asia, Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean destinations, rent a catamaran with and take the best price of the market, guarantee.

Check all our destinations and Rent boat caribbean mediterranean Asia.


Newport, Lake Champlain, Annapolis, Florida, Bahamas.

Navigating in the United States is an experience, between nature and technology, care for the quality of water and its fauna, the innumerable navigable channels, bridges that will facilitate the continuation of navigation with only one request from the captain, rise, marinas with all the services and the best restaurants, they are the perfect combination to a navigation, pleasant and safe, the nautical signaling as well as the nautical police service, is comparable to that of the terrestrial circulation, this is AMERICA. BAHAMAS is like Caribbean, clear waters, nice and virgin beaches, a lot of keys with different view, nice marinas with the best services, and restaurants, is an amazing yacht charter experience.

Check all our destinations and Rent boat caribbean mediterranean Asia.

The Bahamas with its capital Nassau are an excellent choice for renting a catamaran or renting a motor boat, you can swim with nurse sharks or pigs in Staniel Key, many are the islands where we will find small marinas with fishermen and bars full of lovers of navigation.

Rent a catamaran in Fort Lauderdale and sail south of Florida, from the populous Miami, to Key West, the beautiful Isla Morada and Cayo Largo, or Marathon Key and the 7-mile bridge, you can rent a sailboat in Key West or rent a motor boat in Miami, and anchor in Bizcayne Key.

Renting a boat in Newport allows us to travel back in time to the history of nautical in the United States, throughout the city and surroundings we can find bars and houses that maintain a link of years with navigation, it is also home to the famous America´s Cup.

Sail to Martha’s Vineyard, a summer resort for celebrities, where Jaws was filmed.

Boston cradle of American politics, on Long Island with multiple gourmet restaurants, bars and fancy shops, gourmet restaurants, lively bars and luxury boutiques.

Sailing aboard a catamaran or a sailboat, renting a motor boat and fishing, are many of the options offered by our charter base in Newport.

Yacht charter rental and sailboat rental in the top Bahamas and America destinations, rent a catamaran with and take the best price of the market, guarantee.


Australia, Tahiti, New Caledonia.

Countless archipelagos, coral reefs, or the great barrier reef, will be more than enough reason to explore, the pleasure of sailing in its waters, landscapes that we have seen in innumerable documentaries, will not be able to be compared with the exciting sensation to navigate near an atoll and those islands that look as if the palm trees emerged directly from the ocean, the particular characteristics of its people, and its cuisine will not make you think about scheduling a new trip.

Some and different landscapes make up the offer to rent a catamaran in Tahiti, rent a sailboat in Queensland or enjoy a boat with shared cabins in New Caledonia.

French Polynesia, offer landscapes of volcanoes covered with green vegetation, navigate between atolls and anchor in the spectacular Bora Bora, Moorea or the no less beautiful, Raiatea or Tupai, its people and its French cuisine with the Polynesian touch will be an unforgettable experience.

To the northeast of Australia we find Queensland, surrounded by innumerable islands, of endless sand combined with the most spectacular coral reef in the world, from the Airlie charter base we can sail by renting a catamaran or a sailboat or if we prefer renting a catamaran by cabins and Crew, multiple are the types of boat rentals in Queensland, always the charter base staff will indicate the best places for anchoring and navigation, sail to Nara Inlet at the first day, Langford or the popular Stonehaven, in any case the Islands Whitsunday will offer the client multiple options. The Marina Village in Hamilton offers the sailor the possibility of refueling and taking a break from sailing.

Discovered by James Cook in 1774, he called the Island or group of islands New Caledonia, in memory of his father who was Scottish. It has the largest lagoon in the world, a special place for the rental of a boat and safe for navigation, constant winds from the east make pleasant sailing, with a broad French influence New Caledonia combines both cultures to offer spectacular cuisine, beautiful scenery and In its capital the cosmopolitan Noumea we will clearly see the French past of the former colony and its great resemblance to the French Riviera. Landscapes, fauna and flora will surprise us every mile we sail, safe anchorages and their friendly settlers will make us enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Yacht charter rental and sailboat rental in the top Australia, Pacific Ocean destinations, rent a catamaran with and take the best price of the market, guarantee.


La Rochelle, Britania, Hamble, Sweden, Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Azores, Portugal, La Paz (Mexico), Angra Dos Reis (Brazil).
Rent boat caribbean mediterranean Asia

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